I randomly decided sometime in late August that I wanted to learn how to paint. I was skeptical, not even sure I had the capability since I’ve been working on a computer for all these years.

Turns out I really enjoy it. I find it relaxing, and challenging.

I find my computer habits don’t “fly” with painting. I can’t sit down and create something with barely a thought, and let it develop in front of me.

And I’m struggling with finding my style. I see other artist’s work that appeals to me, but to actually get to the point of being able to create what my mind can envision… not so much.

And I think I may be the messiest artist ever. Hopefully that has some positive connotation. ┬áBut I confess, I’ve always been messy, and it’s probably not going to change now.


I’ve painted a few things, one is actually hanging on my wall. And then I tried to paint koi. I think it’s a decent start. I’ll post more koi as they evolve… along with my style.

PS No one has seen this koi painting yet!