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I randomly decided sometime in late August that I wanted to learn how to paint. I was skeptical, not even sure I had the capability since I’ve been working on a computer for all these years.

Turns out I really enjoy it. I find it relaxing, and challenging.

I find my computer habits don’t “fly” with painting. I can’t sit down and create something with barely a thought, and let it develop in front of me.

And I’m struggling with finding my style. I see other artist’s work that appeals to me, but to actually get to the point of being able to create what my mind can envision… not so much.

And I think I may be the messiest artist ever. Hopefully that has some positive connotation.  But I confess, I’ve always been messy, and it’s probably not going to change now.


I’ve painted a few things, one is actually hanging on my wall. And then I tried to paint koi. I think it’s a decent start. I’ll post more koi as they evolve… along with my style.

PS No one has seen this koi painting yet!


It’s always such an adventure to visit MADE Art Boutique. It’s really a mainstay in the Phoenix Art District, and full of the most unique and beautiful things made by Phoenix artists! Today I dropped off a few art prints from my bird series that will be sold in the shop!


I was greeted by Sally, who is like a ray of sunshine inside the tiny boutique full of everything from jewelry, ceramics, art prints, shirts, cards, and things with a Phoenix theme. I purchased a small incense burner that had serious sentimental value to me.  And even though my heart really still belongs to Michigan, I may have to go back and get the Phoenix map art (by Dry Desert Design) or the Phoenix mug (by Crooked Tree), because, like all good design, both of these pieces just make me HAPPY!